Medical Device Wireless Power RF Consulting

Electromagnetic Compatibility Committee

IEC TC62 - Subcommittee 62A Maintenance Team 23 (MT23) (IEC 60601-1-2 4th Ed Amendment 1)

Member Implantable Neurostimulator Working Group NS/WG 02

Multiple RF Patents in the Medical Device Field

Implantable antenna assemblies

WO EP US US20150025613A1

Antennas for use with transcutaneous powered medical implants

WO EP US CN EP3285862A1

Headpieces and implantable cochlear stimulation systems including the same WO EP US CN WO2015065442A1

Fluid sampling device

WO US US20180161018A1

 ESD safe LAB is as well-equipped as any with RF test chambers and test equipment. We also have a

High Performance Computing Cluster with over 100 Xeon cores and 20 GPU's for fast EM simulations.

Medical implant RF design including EMC & MRI compatibility and testing

Magnetic current imaging (squid & GMR)

Micro CT scanning, X-Ray including 3D

Design and testing for SLS and RF standards

Design and testing for ESD survivability

High-speed signal integrity SME

Medical Technical Patent Subject Matter Expert

On Site Chinese CFDA device testing and defense

Digital and analog circuit design & troubleshooting

RF and Electromagnetic Simulation (ADS - EMPro)

Design for and testing to Therapeutic and Diagnostic X-Ray exposure

Ultrasound, Diathermy, Defibrillator and Electrocautery Testing

Technical team lead, & mentor

Part 820 - CFR - Code of Federal Regulations Title 21

ISO 14708

EN 60601-1-2:2015 EN 45502

AIM 7351731:2017 ANSI C63.27:2017

FCC 15.247:2018 FCC 15.209:2018 FCC 15.109:2018

ICES-003 ANSI C63.4:2014



TS 10974

EN 303 417 EN 302 195